Ekomuovi Oy is specialised in the design, manufacture and production process of products and units from thermoplastics and special plastics, as well as spare parts, maintenance and service.

Ekomuovi is a flexible and reliable partner. We are committed to the fulfilment of promised work precisely according to the agreed schedules.

Our production process is environmentally friendly and all plastic waste created is recycled.


For example, our products include different kinds of sinks and tanks, processing equipment and tubes, surface coatings and industrial exhaust ventilation. Our service includes installation and maintenance.

Some examples of the application of products we manufacture are in clean and waste water treatment plants, surface treatment plants, chemical industry processes as well as in laboratories and prototypes.


Thermoplastics have very good chemical endurance and as a result of their excellent properties they will replace other materials used by industry.

Thermoplastic is a lasting, clean, easily moulded, multi-use material. We work PP, PEHD, PVC and PVDF plastics, and also ABS plastic and polycarbonate.